Lucent Pictures Entertainment Inc. (hereinafter “LPE”) fully recognizes that it is in a position to receive customers’ important personal information in trust, and based on such recognition, complies with relevant laws and regulations such as the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and guidelines and further makes the following efforts to protect personal information:

Lucent Pictures Entertainment Inc.

Eiichi Kamagata, President

Personal Information
Personal information means any information which could identify the specific individual customer, such as address, name, birth date, phone number and e-mail address (including those which can be easily checked against other information by which such individual customer can be identified).
Gathering of Personal Information
LPE collects customers’ personal information in legal and appropriate ways to the extent necessary to provide its services.
Use of Personal Information
LPE uses customers’ personal information within the scope of its purpose of use as indicated when receiving such information or as announced on its Website, and to the extent necessary to perform its business. [ Purpose of Use ]

If LPE intends to resister the customers’ personal information in a database to share it with a third party, LPE will announce such intention on its Website in advance in an easy-to-understand way. [ Shared Use of Personal Information ]
Management of Personal Information
LPE places the personnel authorized to manage personal information and strictly controls personal information to prevent it from being leaked, falsified or lost.

LPE also takes legal and reasonable security measures and makes efforts to protect personal information.
Commissioning of Handling of Personal Information
LPE may, to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use, commission a part of its business to an outside contractor. In such case, LPE will enter into a business commission agreement with such contractor which states matters necessary for management of personal information, maintenance of confidentiality and prevention of leakage of personal information, and LPE will instruct and supervise the commissioned contractor so that personal information may be appropriately managed by it.
Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
LPE will not provide any customer’s personal information to any third party without prior approval of the customer; except in cases where provision of personal information to third parties are authorized under any of the items of Article 23, paragraph 1 of “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”, such as when based on laws and regulations.
Disclosure, Correction, Addition, Deletion, Suspension of Use or Deletion of Personal Information
When a customer makes a request for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use or deletion of his/her personal information to the following contact point, LPE will carry out such matters as requested without delay to the extent permitted by the laws and regulations.
Improvement in Handling of Personal Information
LPE is committed to comply with the laws and regulations on handling of personal information, as well as to improve its privacy policy, where appropriate. Accordingly, please be informed that this Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice.
Contact Information
For information about deletion or correction of personal information and about our Privacy Policy, please contact to:

[ Personal Information Consultation Services ]

E-mail :
You can also make inquiries via "Contact" in the Website of LPE.